Cargo Loading Warehouse Elevator, 500kgs 5m Hydraulic Pure Industrial Elevator Lift

Cargo Material Loading Warehouse Elevator Lift , 500kgs 5m Hydraulic Freight Industrial Lifts Elevators Product Description:The product is designed and made in a strong structure, which make the lift larger capacity, more stable performance

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Cargo Material Loading Warehouse Elevator Lift , 500kgs 5m Hydraulic Freight Industrial Lifts Elevators


Product Description:

The product is designed and made in a strong structure, which make the lift larger capacity, more stable 

performance, better safety and easier operation, which is the idealest substitution of elevator for

 transfer cargoes. According to different surroundings, customers can select different collocation, 

which make the performance better

There are devices for avoiding falling down, mutual lock between upper and nether gates, there is

 control button in every layer and the platform, to control the lift in multi-point control. 



1. Smooth Operation Positioning fast, 
2. After rigorous testing 
3. Improve production efficiency 
4. Convenient installation


Our products can be cuetomized: 


SpecificationVertical Travel(mm)Self-height(mm)Capacity(kg)Platform size(LxW,mm)Power(Kw)
SJG0.3-4.5(2 layers)45001503001000x8001.5
SJG0.5-4.5(2 layers)45001505001500x10001.5
SJG1-4.5(2 layers)450015010001500x15002.2
SJG3-4.5(2 layers)450016030002000x12003.0
SJG0.3-7.5(3 layers)75001505001000x10001.5
SJG0.5-7.5(3 layers)75001505001200x12001.5
SJG1-7.5(3 layers)750015010001800x14002.2
SJG2-7.5(3 layers)750015020002000x15002.2
SJG3-7.5(3 layers)750016030002000x16003.0
SJG1-10.5(4 layers)1050015010001800x14002.2
SJG1-14(5 layers)1400015010001800x15002.2
SJG3-4.5(Special for car lifting)450016030005000x30004.0


vertical material lift platform Application: 

1. Moves materials--in factories, warehouses, industrial plants.

2. Products or supplies need to move from one level to another.

3. Provides fast, efficient,convenient and safe access to mezzanines, balconies, basements.

4. Any levels in multistoried building.

5. It can be installed indoor and outdoor applications.

vertical material lift platform Advantages:

1. Chain lifting platforms, with flexible lifting range, large loading capacity, are compact and light weight.

2. The platform moves smooth, operates simply, safely and reliably.

3. The pit should be 15cm-30cm, the height of the top is unlimited. 

4. Custom made according to the surroundings.

5. Install inside or outsid of the multistoried building.

vertical material lift platform Features:

1. Relief valve: prevents upward movement when the system pressure is too high
2. Emergency manual valve: When the power fails, can the car down to the nearest emergency position-floor door,
3. Manual pump: When the system fails, manually steerable high-pressure oil pump shot the car up to the nearest floor location;
4. Hose rupture valve: When the hydraulic system piping rupture car stall decline, automatically cut off the oil stopped declining

5. Oil fuel tank protection: When the oil temperature in the tank exceeds the standard set value, the oil protection device generating signal, suspend the use of elevators, when the elevator started before the oil decline.

Parts showing:

 Cargo Material Loading Warehouse Elevator Lift, 500kgs 5m Hydraulic Freight Industrial Lifts ElevatorsCargo Material Loading Warehouse Elevator Lift, 500kgs 5m Hydraulic Freight Industrial Lifts Elevators

Our services:

1) We can design the customerized outside elevator as per your requirement.

2) The most suitable outside elevator will be recommended to you once we got your requirement.

3) Shipment can be arranged from our port to your destination port.

4) Operation video can be sent to you if needed.

5) User-friendly English manual for machine installation using and maintenance.

6) 2 years warranty for whole machine without man-made faults.

7) We will send you parts for free if there are any non-human factors faults during warranty time.

8) Supply 24-hours technical assistance by email, telephone or other communication online. 

9)We could reply you in 2 hours after received your any questions even on weekend and

holiday. Engineers are available to your country if necessary.


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