Start of sales in 'Miami'! New house with interior finishing for a comfortable life, profitable investments and rental business!

2022-05-28 18:25:02 By : Mr. Len li

Do you want to protect your money from inflation by investing it in real estate with full finishing? Do you like the idea of purchasing an apartment in a prestigious house located in a multifunctional complex with all the infrastructure facilities necessary for a comfortable life for adults and children within a walking distance?

Welcome to the Miami house (3Д, Kizhevatova Street, 3D). It will be hosting cocktail parties to celebrate the start of sales! Only in April, we offer a discount of €100 per 1 m2 and the exchange rate of Br3 per €1 for the 100% one-time payment for an apartment in the Miami house. . The best terms are only at the start of sales!

You will be able to see the infrastructure of comfort in the growing multifunctional complex and visit the comfortable apartments of the house in the North America quarter of the Minsk World multifunctional complex. You can choose a convenient times for the cocktail party:

The Minsk World multifunctional complex in general and the North America quarter in particular are implementing the 15-minute city concept with the help of Belarusian and foreign urban planners and architects.

The Miami house is one of the three high-rise accents of the quarter. The comfortable new house is located between the houses New York and New Orleans.

There are children's and sports grounds on the premises adjacent to the Miami house in the North America quarter. The inner territory of the quarter is safe. There is no transit traffic so parents would not have to watch their children play from the window.

Near the house there are comfortable benches where residents of the quarter, including the elderly, mothers with strollers or couples in love can take a minute off and relax.

The new tenants of the North America quarter have the opportunity to maintain good physical shape.

Horizontal bars and parallel bars, benches for core workout and anti-vandal simulators will you help to stay fit and energetic all year round.

Do you like tennis? There is an outdoor tennis court in the quarter. You can grab a racket and work out your best serves or give a clinic to kids.

Do you have a pet? Minsk World is a pet-friendly territory. There is a place for walking and a zone for basic training where you can have fun together with your pet.

Residential development is evenly distributed across the quarter, with two schools to be built in its center.

Miami is a new house that will open its doors for you during a cocktail evening to celebrate the start of sales in the North America quarter. The comfortable new house has two entrances/exits.

The first balcony leads to the adjacent territory where children can play safely as there is no traffic there. There is a ramp for young mothers with prams, cyclists and people with disabilities.

The second exit leads directly to the ground parking. A car owner who is in a hurry to get to the office or to a business meeting will be able to get a quick access to his/her vehicle and drive out of the quarter towards the city center or onto the Minsk Ring Road along Kizhevatova Street. The location of the house allows drivers to reach any place of the city within 15 minutes.

The first thing new residents and potential buyers see in the Miami house is a designer lobby with a concierge desk and a seating area for guests.

The foyer of the comfortable Miami house has room for bicycles and prams. You can use the bathroom that also has a changing table. You can go up to your apartment by one of three elevators – a freight elevator, a passenger elevator or a panoramic elevator that offers a beautiful view of the infrastructure of the quarter.

The Miami house has 25 floors. Each floor has 12 apartments from 1 to 4 rooms ranging from 27m2 to 74m2. Ceiling heights range from 2.72m to 3m (the highest ceiling is on the 25th floor). Let's open a metal anti-vandal door to explore apartments from the inside.

The floor is covered with laminate. The walls in the rooms, entrance halls, corridors, kitchens and storerooms (if any) are leveled and covered with practical wallpaper.

The level of sound insulation of the partitions is far above the existing standards. There is always a lot of light thanks to panoramic windows.

Interior doors are equipped with fittings. Apartments, including entrance halls, kitchens, rooms and even storerooms (if any) have matte stretch ceilings with ergonomic overhead lights. Everything is turnkey, including practical skirting boards, sockets and switches.

Bathrooms are equipped with a floor-standing toilet, an acrylic bathtub (if it is in the plan), a curtain and a panel for it, a shower enclosure (if it is in the plan), a faucet, a sink and a hanging pedestal.

Bathrooms in the comfortable and ready-to-live-in (or lease) Miami house might also have mirrors, water heated towel rails and overhead lights in stretch ceilings.

All apartments have glazed balconies. Owners of real estate as big as ​​​​50m2 and bigger will be able to step into the balconies.

If you choose apartments with finished interior trim, you save a colossal amount of money (the developer's finish work is much cheaper than the finish work you can do with your own hands). You can immediately

move in and live (in happiness and calm because your neighbors will not disturb you during repairs)

use real estate for rental business (and get steady revenue)

make a profitable investment in real estate of the multifunctional complex with a high potential for an increase in prices per square meter in order to not only preserve but multiply your savings.

The cost per square meter in apartments of the Miami house depends on the dynamics of development of infrastructure in Minsk World and access to transportation of this prestigious multifunctional complex.

Ground transport stops are located right outside the house. The list of transport lines already allows getting to any place in our metropolitan city fast.

The Miami house is located at the crossing of Kizhevatova Street and Proyektiruyemaya No.7 Street. After exiting the house, car owners can easily leave for the city center or leave the city by going beyond the Minsk ring road for a weekend.

The high level of safety of the vehicle can be secured by buying a parking spot in a car park. Multistory car parks boasting video surveillance, security personnel, and 24/7 automated access for car owners already operate and are being built in the multifunctional complex Minsk World.

Passengers have been able to use the metro station Kovalskaya Sloboda of the Zelenoluzhskaya line since November 2020. Finish work is in progress at the metro station Aerodromnaya (it is tentatively scheduled to open in 2023).

The opening of the International Financial Center – a transnational hub for business processes, a place for self-realization for creative businesspersons and for building a successful career – will trigger the growth of prices per square meter in the North America quarter.

Belarus' largest shopping and entertainment center Avia Mall will be opened near the International Financial Center.

It will become a popular place of recreation for Minsk residents and guests. The shopping and entertainment center has been named Avia Mall in honor of Belarus' first airport. The mall will offer a broad choice of Belarusian and foreign brands. A large food court and a modern movie theater is part of the design.

Would you like to learn as much as possible about realities of comfort and amenities in Minsk World? Are you interested in an opportunity to invest in the hardest currency of them all – square meters, which cost can only rise? Come to a cocktail party in the Miami house at a convenient time:

Friday, 1 April (15:00-19:00)

Saturday, 2 April (15:00-19:00) Sunday, 3 April (15:00-19:00)

Or call! Dial the short number 7675 (or fixed-line phones +375 17 269−32−90, +375 17 39−39−465, +375 17 38-81-719). Welcome to sales offices located at 9 Mstislavtsa Street and 11 Mstislavtsa Street. Consultants in 57 towns and cities stand ready to answer your questions.

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