Succession: The 10 Most Hilarious Quotes

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Though Succession won the Emmy for Outstanding Drama Series, the show is also hilarious with many quotes that will have fans laughing out loud.

One of the big winners of this year's Emmy awards was Succession which took home several awards, including Outstanding Drama Series. While the show certainly fits into the drama category, fans also know that it can be very funny with many hilarious quotes.

With all the colorful characters and the backstabbing that goes on among the Roy family and their followers, it is hard not to laugh out loud at some of these lines. So while fans eagerly await the new season of Succession, they can revisit its most hilarious quotes.

Though Greg very much wants to rise to the top of the company, he often seems to be totally out of his element. He wanders from one high-stakes scenario to the next and always looks completely lost. He even accidentally finds himself on Kendall's team when he goes rogue.

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Kendall assigns Greg to monitor social media to get a sense of how he is looking with the public. But even that seems overwhelming for Greg who simply scrolls through his phone and comments on the many memes.

Anyone who watches the show will know that the Roy family is not filled with love and affection. Succession has plenty of great insults thrown around and it is usually aimed at a character's own family members. And though he has plenty of flaws, Roman delivers some of the best putdowns.

Most of his best jabs are aimed at his brother Kendall, such as suggesting their father would have rathered a kitchen tool than a son like Kendall. It's harsh but savagely funny.

Of all the many acts of betrayal on Succession, Kendall's attempt to vote his father out of the company was one of the most riveting. Though Kendall seemed to have all the votes he needed lined up, when he couldn't get to the meeting on time, things began to fall apart.

It makes for one of the tensest moments in the series with some hilarious moments as well. Without Kendall in the room, Roman sheepishly raises his hand to vote Logan out. But Logan doesn't even look at him when delivering this hilarious threat, causing Roman to quickly lower his hand.

One of the funniest aspects of the show is how out of touch the Roy family is. Despite trying to present themselves to the public as down-to-earth, they are shielded behind a wall of wealth and have no real interest in knowing how real people live.

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Gerri suggests that Roman may want to learn a bit about the world if he is going to take over the company, including the price of a gallon of milk. Roman dismisses the idea with a hilariously generalized view of milk drinkers.

Though there are many compelling and entertaining characters on the show, Succession doesn't seem concerned with making them likable. The characters are so corrupt and sleazy that they have rationalized their bad behavior in bizarre ways.

While there are plenty of quotes showing why Cousin Greg is ruthless like the rest of them, he does question some of their activities. But Tom shoots him down by making it seem like having principles is some farfetched and silly idea.

With all the drama within the family, dinner with the Roy clan is certainly an unpleasant affair. One of the most uncomfortable moments in the whole show was when Logan confronted everyone over dinner and began selecting those he felt were moles to participate in a humiliating game.

After selecting a few weak-willed participants, Logan zeroes in on Gerri. She confesses to having doubts about the company and he praises her honesty. But when Greg tries the same strategy, Logan chastises him as a doubter.

Tom and Greg have one of the funniest relationships on the show. At times they can feel like the best friends in the world but then there are other moments where they openly betray and blackmail each other. It makes for a hilarious duo.

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After Greg makes the mistake of confiding some sensitive information to Tom, Tom immediately tries to use it be better his position. While talking on the phone, he barely puts any thought into naming Greg as his source of information. It is made even funnier by the fact that Tom gives Greg the thumbs up as he is talking.

Stewy is one of Succession's side characters with main character energy. He enters every room with utter confidence and always has something hilarious to say with his very blunt opinions. Even a family wedding is not safe from Stewy's hot takes.

When Shiv's mother asks Stewy how long she thinks her daughter's marriage to Tom will last, Stewy gives a very diplomatic answer that then leads to a much more honest one. It is even more surprising that Shiv's own mother would find the comment so funny.

Kendall Roy has gone through a lot of changes in the show but the end of season 2 seemed to suggest a possible change for the better as he publicly condemned his father. However, at the beginning of season 3, it becomes very clear he is the same self-centered and goofy guy.

After making such a public declaration, Kendall hires a PR team to capitalize on this new attention. His main concern is that his social media, which he would not even run, would appear cool making Kendall look laughably pathetic.

Kendall and Logan have always had a strained relationship as father and son but it gets much worse in season 3 after Kendall publicly turns on Logan. However, with the business still at hand, it requires them to share a lot of awkward times together.

When Kendall comes to the office for a meeting, it is suggested he be taken up in the freight elevators to avoid being seen. Logan has a much less respectful suggestion which shows how he views his son at this time.

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